Craig Carden got an early start in the media world, learning the craft of radio from his father at age 9. Getting his solo on-air break in his teens, Craig had an FCC license and his own show before he even learned to drive. Craig extended his performing experience beyond radio by marching in his high school band's drum line, playing drums and bass in several jazz and rock groups, serving as percussionist for a community orchestra, and working in theatre productions, both behind the scenes and on stage.

Craig spent his college years working in TV and video production at the McCamish Broadcast Center on the campus of Reinhardt University. Headed by a veteran NBC photographer and director, the state-of-the-art facility was chosen by U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich to host and produce "Renewing American Civilization," a classroom series broadcast worldwide via satellite. Craig also worked on the "Motor Voter" campaign for Georgia Secretary of State (later U.S. Senator) Max Cleland, and numerous other projects.

As a member of Friendship Force International, Craig hosted several "citizen ambassadors" to the United States, and traveled on outgoing exchanges to Matsuyama and Tokyo, Japan, even appearing on a Japanese radio show while there. When his local chapter hosted the first private-citizen ambassadors from Vietnam to the U.S. since the end of the Vietnam War, Craig was inspired to travel to Vietnam on his own, teaching English at the Metropolitan Business College of Hanoi for the five months he lived there.

Returning to the U.S. and his radio roots, Craig landed at WSB Radio in Atlanta, where he made his initial mark as an AM drive-time show producer. He was soon made the first full-time Imaging Director for the legacy station, modernizing the approach to imaging, and winning awards as the architect of the "WSB Sound," working closely with voice talent and radio veteran Jeff Davis. Their combined talents resulted in a distinctive style sought out by radio stations across the country. Craig produced his own music for his imaging production, bringing more than 150 compositions to the airwaves of the stations that used his work. Craig also expanded his role into online radio, writing, voicing, and producing segments as the "WSB Radio WebGuy," one of the country's first online radio personalities.

Intrigued by advances in digital media technology, Craig returned to the visual field, combining his skills in photography and video to bring his carefully crafted production values to a select group of clients. Recent projects include promotional and documentary works, as well as web presentations and site design. Always seeking to expand his skill set, Craig also completed an intensive Steadicam training workshop, working with Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown, lead instructor Jerry Holway, and notable Steadicam operators from the film and broadcast industries.