In 2015, the owners of German Car Repair in Alpharetta, Georgia announced their move to an all-new location, and engaged Craig to document the construction of the facility from beginning to end. From the groundbreaking in May, until the Grand Opening in September, Craig roamed the site, capturing both stills and video of the building's progress for GCR's website and social media platforms, and presentation to customers at the completed shop. Here's what he had to say about his work on the project:

"This was a bit of a departure from the work I usually do, but I quickly began to enjoy the creative challenges involved. At the earliest stages, the site was wide open; I could film from any angle, standing anywhere I wanted to. That started to change as the walls went up, and interior spaces were closed in. More and more, I found myself looking for ways to cover these new spaces that were entirely different from what I had done weeks, or even days previously. From one day to the next, I never knew what I would find at the site, or where I'd be shooting from. The 'improvisational' aspect of working on a site like this turned out to be really interesting."